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The equipment is composed of a crushing device and a beating device, first crushing and then beating. It is quicker to use and operate, and it can complete the crushing, pulping and slagging processes at one time automatically, which greatly reduces the manual workload. This machine has an automatic cleaning function and is an ideal equipment for fresh juice preservation.
I. Overview
This equipment is widely used in the production of tomato sauce, strawberry sauce, kiwi sauce, mango sauce, peach sauce, apricot sauce, bayberry juice, tree Raspberry juice and other fruits and vegetables are crushed and separated to make pulp.
Traditional fruit processing is first crushing and then squeezing the juice. The pectin, pesticide residues and polyphenols in the peel, stalk and seed The oxidase, peroxidase, pectin methylesterase and other components enter the juice in large quantities, which on the one hand increases the difficulty of subsequent separation and purification of the juice, on the other hand, it also makes the comprehensive utilization of pomace into trouble.
The cold beating machine can crush the materials and at the same time affect the peels, stalks and seeds that affect the subsequent processing of the juice pulp Effective separation can achieve high-quality fruit juice or pulp, reduce the application cost of processing auxiliary materials, and improve the utilization efficiency of by-products such as peel, pulp, pomace, and fruit seeds.
2, Main structure diagram

3, Composition structure and working principle
The machine is mainly composed of frame, feeding transmission reducer, feeding hopper, feeding screw, crushing knife row, crushing screen It is composed of important parts such as net, filter screen, beating scraper, and beating motor.
Its main working principle: the fruit and vegetable raw materials from the previous process enter the feeding screw propeller chamber, and the fruit and vegetable raw materials are sent to the crushing mechanism by the screw As it advances, the crushed materials enter the separation and beating chamber, where the pulp and pomace are effectively separated under the action of the high-speed rotating beating scraper and screen.
The equipment integrates fruit crushing and beating, and completes the separation of fruit pulp and undesirable components that affect product quality. The content of polyphenols in the processed fruit is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the temperature required for inactivating enzymes and reducing energy. Consumption, reduce the probability of enzymatic browning, and improve the color value and stability of the product. Choose different beating methods and different screen apertures for different materials to obtain an ideal juice and pulp rate.
4. Operation and precautions
1. The machine must be installed horizontally and fixed with anchor screws.
2. Tighten the bolts on the whole machine and check whether all the screws in the shaft are loose. Clean the inside and outside of the whole machine to keep it clean.
3. Turn on the power supply of the drive motor and confirm that the direction of rotation of the machine is consistent with the direction indicator.
4. Test run for 5 minutes, and after confirming that the machine is normal, the feed can be normal.
5. After each shift, the filter must be washed with water and a brush.
6. Regularly check whether the motor is overloaded and heats up, and whether the bearing part is oiled. If faults are found, they should be dealt with in time.

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