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Features of Surf Washer


The surfing washing machine is a special machine for cleaning fruits and vegetables by the pressure of the water pump to make the water produce strong stirring motion, so that the material tumbles in the water, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning fruits and vegetables.

The machine is composed of water tank, hoist, circulating flushing water pump, transmission part and other components. Due to the existence of pressure in the water during operation, the fruits and vegetables are violently rolled and stirred in the water. After the cleaning water is filtered, the circulating flushing pump is pressurized to the feeding port. The nozzle is back flushed, the direction of the nozzle can be adjusted, the material is washed again by the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzle, and drifts towards the outlet, the outlet is disposed of a scraper elevator, and the speed of the scraper elevator can be adjusted (adjusting the scraper lifting The speed of the machine reaches the required production capacity), and the washed fruits and vegetables are sent to the next process (a spray pipe can be added to the exit scraper elevator according to the user's requirements for further spray washing). It can also be changed to different lifting structures according to different materials of users.

Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance
1. The machine must be placed on a level concrete floor to be level. Close the drain valve and feed water into the water tank. When the water reaches a certain position, stop the water feeding, start the circulating flushing pump (for operation, please refer to the pump instruction manual), connect the hoist drive power to start the hoist, and after everything runs normally, that is, Add material to the water tank for cleaning. The machine can normally feed and discharge materials for continuous production.
2. The filter of the circulating flushing water pump should be cleaned every two hours. If there are many leaves or sundries in the water tank, it must be cleaned in time. When cleaning, it is not necessary to stop the machine, just remove it directly. When there is a lot of soil in the water tank, it is necessary to stop the machine and drain the water to clean the water spray holes (generally not easy to block).
3. Cut off the power supply when the machine is stopped, open the drain door to discharge water, rinse the inside and outside of the whole machine, and keep it clean.
4. The lubricating oil of the stepless governor must be replaced regularly, and the dirty oil should be drained out during replacement.
5. Regularly refuel the bearing parts.


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