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Model nominal diameter mm
effective diameter mm
effective sieve surface m²
Number of layers (layers)
Power kw





800 740

1000 916




This equipment is a high-precision subdivision sieve machine with low noise, high efficiency, quick screen change, and a fully enclosed multi-layer structure, suitable for Screening and filtering of granules, powder, mucus and other materials.

The rotary vibrating screen is a high-precision screening and filtering machine designed by absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and adopting advanced processing technology. It uses a vertical vibration motor or exciter as the vibration source. The upper and lower ends of the vertical vibration motor (or vibration exciter) are equipped with eccentric weights, which can produce horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motions. The phase angle of the lower eccentric weight changes the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface to achieve the purpose of screening various materials. This product is suitable for any industry of sieving and filtering powder, granule and liquid. Widely used in fertilizers, pharmaceutical powders, coatings, pigments, cosmetics, oils, resins, ceramic pastes, clay slurries, quicklime, refractory powders, metallurgical powders, electromagnetic powders, grinding powders, fruit juices, beverages, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, seasonings , Milk powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, lithium carbonate, co-solvent, fire extinguishing agent, as well as screening and filtration in the process of sewage and wastewater treatment in the environmental protection industry.

1. Conditions of use
1.1 Altitude not exceeding: 1000 meters;
1.2 Ambient temperature: -5℃~40℃;
1.3 Relative humidity does not exceed 90% (below 20°C);
1.4 The surrounding medium is free of conductive dust and gas that can corrode and destroy insulation (except for explosion-proof type).

2. The principle and structure of the names of equipment parts

3. Mechanical installation adjustment
3.1 After the machine is placed in place, whether it is fixed or not, it must be placed in a horizontal position. The power cord should be wired according to the power of the equipment label. When necessary, a relay protection system and a parking brake system can be configured. The equipment must be equipped with an effective protective grounding wire.
3.2 The following aspects should be checked before driving:
(A) Whether the power supply and ground wire are installed;
(B) Are all screws and tie-rings locked;
(C) The body should be in a horizontal position and should not touch other objects (keep a certain distance);
(D) Remove the transportation fixing clip (there are 3 fixing clips at the position of the damping spring).;.
3.3 Trial operation and material trajectory adjustment method:
Pour a small amount of material to be screened into the center of the screen, adjust the material trajectory according to the material flow direction, angle, precision, processing capacity and other factors , Used to extend or shorten the movement time of the material on the screen. The adjustment method is as follows: Open the adjustment hole of the machine base, loosen the fixing screw of the lower weight, and adjust in the opposite direction of the discharge port according to the angle shown on the motor according to the required material trajectory.
3.4 Replace the screen:
First loosen the screen grid tie ring screws that need to replace the screen, remove the upper frame, turn over the sealing rubber ring, and remove the pressure screen , Remove the need to replace the screen, and then spread the new screen on the mother net, install the pressing net, flatten all around (avoid too tight) and leave one centimeter along the pressing net, cut off the excess screen and turn it under the pressure Cover the mesh strip with a sealing rubber ring. Put the upper frame back to its original position, put the tie ring back on the screen, use a soft hammer to evenly hit the tie ring around, and then tighten the tie ring copper nut. If the net frame and the punching plate are removed during the screen changing process, pay attention to when reinstalling, the punching plate must be inserted into the groove on the bottom of the net frame.
If the mother net is damaged, you can repair it yourself. If it cannot be repaired, you can send it back to our company for repair. It is recommended that users prepare a set of mother nets (grids) for urgent needs.

4. Common faults and inspection methods
4 .1 The motor does not work normally or does not work:
(A) Check whether the power supply lacks phase or power failure;
(B) Check whether the motor coil is burned out;
(C) Is there too much lubricating oil?
4.2 Unusual noise:
(A) Check whether the tie ring screws are loose and whether the tie ring and the screen frame fit;
(B) Check whether the punching plate is broken, or whether it is placed in the groove of the grid;
(C) Is the base sturdy and durable? When the exciting force is too large and unstable, the base should be reinforced;
(D) Whether the spring is broken;
(E) Whether the motor fixing bolts are loose or damaged;
(F) Whether the body is in contact with other objects.
4.3 Materials are not automatically discharged:
(A) The angle between the upper and lower weights is greater than 90°;
(B) The angle of the upper and lower hammers is reversed.
4.4 The fine (sub)NetEase is damaged due to the following reasons:
(A) The raw material directly hits the mesh surface (the particle size of the raw material is very different and the raw material has a large proportion). If this is the case, a layer of coarser sieve can be added Net as buffer;
(B) The subnet is not tight;
(C) The mother net is damaged.

5. Daily maintenance and regular maintenance
Before daily work, check: whether the beam ring is locked and whether the screen is damaged; whether there is any abnormal noise during work; after use The equipment should be cleaned up. Regular maintenance includes: checking whether the mother net, subnet and spring are damaged, and whether each part of the fuselage is damaged due to vibration.

6. Motor use and troubleshooting
6.1 This equipment is equipped with a vibration motor that can continuously output the rated excitation force when the following conditions are met (the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters; environment The temperature is not higher than 40℃; the relative humidity is not more than 90%; the vibration acceleration of the host is not more than 196m/s2). Otherwise, the power and excitation force should be reduced.
The connecting plane between the vibration motor and the vibration machine must be smooth and flat, and the flatness should meet the 9th tolerance requirements of GB1184-79 attached table 1. The strength of the mounting screws shall not be lower than 8.8, and anti-loosening accessories such as spring washers should be used.
During the operation of the vibration motor, ensure that it is well lubricated. No. 3 lithium base grease should be replenished every two weeks or so. When refueling, remove the protective cover first, and add an appropriate amount of lithium grease through the oil cup or the bearing cover. The bearings should be checked after 1500 hours of accumulated operation, and should be replaced immediately if there is serious damage.
6.2 Common motor faults and inspection methods:
(A) The motor does not run after power on. Check the power supply and the motor itself;
(B) The motor temperature rises or smoke is emitted. Check whether the load is too heavy; whether the motor windings or turns are short-circuited; whether the voltage is too low or running without phase; whether the bearings are severely worn.

7. Transportation and storage
When the equipment is transported and stored, it should not be turned upside down, should not be stacked, and protected from moisture.

8. Matters needing attention
Before using this equipment, please read the product manual carefully. If the user does not operate according to this manual, the manufacturer will not be responsible for any consequences caused .

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