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High-power beater with mangoes denuded and peeled

    Name Technical indexes    
    Production capacity 10t/h    
    Matched power 30kw    
    Conveyor speed 970r/min    
    Overall dimensions 1980×1200×2050mm    

Although mangoes are delicious, the same thing is that the core and skin are very difficult to handle, sometimes it is impossible to start, and even dirty clothes. If it’s okay to just eat a few, what should we do in the face of some large fruit and vegetable processing centers? Don't worry, here is a mango pitting and peeling high-power beating machine. It not only pits cleanly, peels the skin quickly, but also can be beaten continuously, and the mango pulp produced is delicate and rich. The most important thing is that high-power equipment, To meet the needs of different users, one machine is multi-purpose, saving time and improving efficiency.

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