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How a Plum Coreless Beater Works


Juicing, beating and jam making of plums has been a hotspot in the food industry for the past two years. As we all know, fruit beating should be classified. Fruits can be divided into two categories: seeded and seedless. For example, apples, peaches, mangoes and plums are classified as stone fruits; bananas, oranges and kiwis are among the seedless fruits.

In the food industry, juicing and beating seedless fruit is relatively simple, but how to beat fruit with seeds?

This machine is suitable for beating fruits and vegetables such as berries and nuts. Its characteristics: pulp juice and residue (skin, seeds, kernels) leave automatically; it can not only be combined on the assembly line for assembly line operation, but also can be produced on a single machine. All places that touch the material are made of 304 stainless steel and high quality edible rubber. It has good corrosion resistance, does not contaminate materials, and ensures food hygiene.

When using the prune pitting beater to beat the stone fruit, the first rotor uses the pitting rod equipment to remove the pit, the pulp flows into the lower barrel, and the beating is completed by the scraper rotor.

And the beating principle of our denuclear beating machine: the motor is driven by a V-belt, which makes the rotor parts rotate at high speed. The fruit enters the machine from the feeding port, and the material is spirally conveyed to the pitting rod through the feeding blade. Under the action of the denucleating rod, the material is crushed. Due to the centrifugal force, the juice and meat in the material (which have been slurried) enter the next process through the sieve holes on the screen, and the core is discharged from the slag outlet by the slag pulp leaves, and then the pulp and slag are actively separated. When the pulp enters the second drum, the pulp plate discharges the material evenly between the scraper and the screen. Due to the reverse action of the scraper and the existence of the lead angle, the material moves along the cylinder to the discharge end. The movement trajectory is spiral, the material is crushed by centrifugal force during the movement between the scraper and the screen, the juice and meat (which has been slurried) enter the next process through the screen hole, and the skin and seeds are discharged from the slag hopper to achieve active separation the goal of.

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