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How many different types of drinks do you know?


Beverages are now placed in rows in major supermarkets, stores and even canteens, whether it is carbonated beverages such as soda and cola, or dairy beverages that everyone loves to drink, or fruit and vegetable juice beverages. Even the new varieties have many other novel drinks, such as fruit wine drinks, coffee drinks, brewed drinks, functional drinks, etc., too many to count. Different types of drinks have different tastes, nutrients, and ingredients, and are also suitable for different groups of people. So many drinks, how much do you know?
The history of carbonated drinks is also very long. Although many people do not advocate carbonated drinks and think that they are unhealthy drinks, some people do not think so. After all, some people need this kind of drink, not just because it tastes good.

Sports drinks are also very popular now. This is a drink developed for sports. It can supplement the sodium, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates lost by sweating during intense exercise, and relieve fatigue and body temperature. consume. This drink is also suitable for labor-intensive types of work, as well as those who work hard and sweat a lot in hot summer.
Needless to say, solid beverages are one that we usually drink. It uses sugar (or no sugar), fruit juice (or no fruit juice), plant extracts and other ingredients as raw materials, and is processed into powder, Granules or lumps for drinking after infusion. Such as instant coffee and brewed milk tea powder, these are the beverages that have been drunk more in recent years, as well as malt milk essence, chrysanthemum products, Xia Sang Ju brewing liquid and herbal tea solid beverages. Such drinks are easy to carry, suitable for storage, easy to drink, and have unique flavor.
In fact, there are of course many different types of beverages in our life, so I won't explain them one by one today, we will break them down next time.

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