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 how to cut coconut meat?


Coconut is rich in nutrients and tastes very good, so it is loved by many people. In the hot summer, after drinking the fresh coconut juice, do not throw away the husk. The coconut meat in the noodles is also very nutritious. You can take out the coconut meat and eat whatever you want. Coconut fruit is relatively hard, so what are the clever ways to get coconut meat? How to cut coconut meat?

First, you need to take out the coconut milk, steam it for 10~20 minutes, the coconut meat will automatically separate from the shell, cut the shell according to your preference to get a spherical hollow coconut meat, make a small hole and put a spoon in it Take out the pulp, so that the pulp can all come out without harming the coconut shell.

Or you can also use a hammer to open it and take it out, use the hammer to smash the coconut hard, after smashing the coconut, use a screwdriver to slowly pry it down a little bit, peel off a large piece of coconut meat, and then use a knife to remove the remaining coconut meat. Peel off the black skin, and the white coconut flesh is perfectly presented.

Of course, the second method is too violent. You can also freeze the coconut and take it out. Put the coconut in the freezer and freeze it for about 1 hour. Then take a pot of hot water and put the coconut carefully. At this time, you will It's amazing to see coconuts split open in water. Then remove the white inner skin. It can be served on the table.

Comparing these methods, the simplest one is our coconut juice extractor. After placing the coconut horizontally on the baffle of the conveyor chain, the conveyor chain continuously rotates, and the coconut is slowly lifted and transported to the bottom of the dial. , There is a fixed blade on the top of the machine, so that the coconut is cut in half under the interaction force of the blade and the dial. The juice flows into the hopper juice, and the half-cut coconut shells fall into the hoppers on both sides. Convenient and fast, labor-saving and simple.

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