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Industrial ginger garlic crushing machine



Production capacityt/h
Matching power kw
Dimensions mm
    CPS-20 20 22 1800×980×2320    

The material enters the hopper and passes through the crushing studio. Under the centrifugal force, the material rotates with the scraper on the rotor. With the knife row, the material is crushed in the process to reach a certain size.

I. Overview
      Squirrel cage type crushing machine introduced and designed for our company the current international advanced level of fruit and vegetable crushing machinery, with novel structure It has the advantages of compactness, energy saving and high efficiency, large production capacity and wide application range. Except for the transmission parts, the machine is all made of high-quality stainless steel, which can be used as a stand-alone machine and is convenient for connection.

2, Structural features and working principle

The machine is composed of a frame, a transmission cover, a bearing seat, a body, a feed hopper, a stator, a rotor, a blade, a large side cover, a discharge hopper, a hinge, a motor cover and other components. It is suitable for crushing apples, pears, tomatoes, roots and other fruits and vegetables (except stone fruits). When working, the motor drives the spindle to rotate. The material lifted up from the previous process falls into the hopper. After the material enters the fuselage, the ribs on the rotor rotate the material at a high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the knife row on the stator crushes the material (knife row). It can be used on both sides). At this time, the general particle size of the material is about 4-8mm (it can be determined according to the tooth pitch of the knife row, the slot width of the stator and the speed), and the crushed material falls into the waist-shaped hole on the stator.feed mouth。 Material mouth.

3, Installation, adjustment, use, operation
1. Tighten all the bolts on the whole machine.
2, The whole machine is adjusted to be flat, clean the inside and outside of the whole machine to keep it clean.
3. Check whether the bolts on the large side cover are loose.
4. All lubrication parts are required to be well lubricated, and lubricating oil with the specified label is added.
5. Manual idling to confirm that it is flexible and free of foreign objects.
6. After the above conditions are confirmed to be correct, the test machine can be switched on.
7. Turn on the power of the drive motor and confirm that the direction of rotation of the machine is consistent with the direction indicator.
8. Start and run.
9. Stones, screws, and tools are strictly prohibited from falling into the crusher.
10. When cleaning at the end of the work, cut off the power, open the cover to clean, and install the original when using detergent or disinfectant after cleaning. Place.
11. Regularly check whether the motor is overloaded and heats up, and whether the bearing is oiled.
12. Check whether the teeth of the machine knife row are dull. If dullness is found, the knife row should be adjusted or replaced. Use the machine.
13. Always keep the inside and outside of the whole machine clean.
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