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Instructions for use of vibrating screen


The vibrating screen is a high-precision screening and filtering machine designed with advanced processing technology. It uses a vertical vibration motor or a vibration exciter as the vibration source. The upper and lower ends of the vertical vibration motor (or exciter) are equipped with eccentric weights, which can generate horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion. The phase angle of the lower eccentric weight changes the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface to achieve the purpose of screening various materials. This product is suitable for any powder, granule, liquid screening and filtration industry. Widely used in fertilizer, pharmaceutical powder, paint, pigment, cosmetics, grease, resin, ceramic slurry, clay slurry, quicklime, refractory powder, metallurgical powder, electromagnetic powder, grinding powder, fruit juice, beverage, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, seasoning , milk powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, lithium carbonate, cosolvent, fire extinguishing agent, and screening and filtration in the process of sewage and wastewater treatment in the environmental protection industry.

1、Conditions of Use
1.1 The altitude does not exceed: 1000 meters;
1.2 Ambient temperature: -5℃~40℃;
1.3 The relative humidity should not exceed 90% (below 20℃);
1.4 The surrounding medium is free of conductive dust and gases that can corrode and destroy insulation (except explosion-proof type).

2. Mechanical installation adjustment
2.1 After the machine is in place, it must be placed in a horizontal position regardless of whether it is used fixedly or not. The power cord should be wired according to the equipment label. If necessary, the relay protection system and parking brake system can be configured. The equipment must be equipped with an effective protective ground wire.
2.2 The following aspects should be checked before driving:
(A) Whether the power supply and grounding wire are installed properly;
(B) Whether the screws and lashing rings of each part are locked tightly;
(C) The body should be in a horizontal position and should not touch other items (keep a certain distance);
(D) Remove the transport fixing clips (there are 3 fixing clips at the vibration damping spring position).;.
2.3 Trial operation and material trajectory adjustment method:
Pour a small amount of material to be screened into the center of the screen, and adjust the material trajectory according to the material flow direction, angle, precision, processing capacity and other factors to prolong or shorten the movement time of the material on the screen. The adjustment method is as follows: open the adjustment hole of the machine base, loosen the fixing screw of the lower weight, and adjust it to the opposite direction of the discharge port according to the required material trajectory according to the angle shown on the motor.
2.4 Replacing the screen:
First, loosen the screen girdle ring screws of the screen to be replaced, remove the upper frame, open the sealant ring, remove the pressing mesh, remove the screen to be replaced, and then lay the new screen flat on the mother net. Install the mesh strips, level them all around (do not over-tighten them), leave one centimeter along the mesh strips, cut off the excess mesh, turn it over and press it on the mesh strips, and wrap it with a sealing rubber ring. Put the upper frame back to its original position, put the ring back on the screen, tap the surrounding area of ​​the ring evenly with a soft hammer, and then tighten the copper nut of the ring. If the screen frame and punching plate are removed during the screen changing process, attention must be paid to the fact that the punching plate must be inserted into the groove on the bottom surface of the screen frame.
If the main net is damaged, it can be repaired by yourself. If it cannot be repaired, it can be sent back to our company for repair. It is recommended that users prepare a set of parent networks (grids) for urgent needs.

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