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juice sterilizing equipment

    Model Processing capacity T/h Steam pressure MPa discharge temperature℃ Dimensions mm    
    SJ-2 2 0.08-0.096 60-95 1500×460×1100    
    SJ-4 4 0.08-0.096 60-95 2500×460×1100    
    SJ-6 6 0.08-0.096 60-95 3500×460×1100    
    SJ-8 8 0.08-0.096 60-95 4500×460×1100    
    SJ-10 10 0.08-0.096 60-95 6500×460×1100    

The tube sterilizer is composed of five groups of six φ25×2 tube bundles and shells. Material through the tube, two groups of into, two groups of reflux, one group for three flow. Steam through the pressure reducing valve, globe valve, safety valve and pipe, into the space between the shell and the outer wall of the pipe, complete the heat exchange, so as to improve the temperature of the slurry, to achieve the purpose of sterilization. The trap is used to remove condensation water during heat exchange. The machine can be designed according to user's requirements of external insulation sandwich.

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