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Loquat is rich in protein, fruit acid, vitamins, carotene and so on. Loquat has the effect of vision, make your eyes sparkle, in addition, loquat can keep the skin healthy. Dip loquat juice with a cotton swab and apply it to the spots on the face, it can lighten the spots, quench thirst and reduce qi, benefit lung qi, stop vomiting, reduce burnt heat, and moisten the five internal organs. Eating more produces phlegm and heat, injuring the spleen.
1. The organic acids contained in loquat can stimulate the secretion of digestive glands, and have a considerable effect on increasing appetite, helping digestion and absorption, quenching thirst and relieving heat.
2. Loquat contains amygdalin, which can moisten the lungs and relieve cough, expel phlegm, and treat various coughs.
3. The fruit and leaves of loquat have the effect of inhibiting influenza virus, and eating them often can prevent colds in four seasons.
Loquat is rich in various nutrients needed by the human body and is a nutritious health fruit. Loquat is rich in cellulose, pectin, carotene, malic acid, citric acid, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B, and C. Rich in vitamin B and carotene, it has the functions of protecting eyesight, keeping the skin healthy and moist, and promoting the physical development of children. The vitamin B17 contained in it is also a nutrient for preventing cancer! Therefore, loquat is also known as the "crown of fruit", which can promote appetite and help digestion; it can also prevent cancer and prevent aging. The whole body of loquat is a treasure, and the stems can be used to make traditional Chinese medicine; the leaves can clear heat and treat stomach problems; the pulp is very nutritious, and it is very helpful for children's development to eat regularly.

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