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Nuts are recognized as nutritional experts, but most of them have a hard texture, which makes many people with poor digestion stay away.

In fact, this group of people should eat some nuts in moderation: ① Nuts are rich in prebiotics (soluble dietary fiber, etc.), which can increase the level of beneficial intestinal flora and help digestion; ② Nuts are rich in healthy oils, such as subcutaneous Oleic acid, linolenic acid, etc., not only help intestinal repair, but also lubricate the intestinal tract.

It is recommended that people with indigestion eat or grind nuts into nut paste. The crushed nut powder can be added to pastries, or placed in yogurt or rice porridge; it can also be used for cooking, soup or porridge. Sprinkle some seasonings to help enrich the taste and increase nutrition. It should be reminded that after the nuts are broken, nutrients and other components will be lost. If the area in contact with the air is large during the storage process, it is easy to oxidize. At the same time, the crushing process destroys the original structure of the nuts, so that some originally hidden deep inside the food. The ingredients directly contact the digestive tract to speed up the digestion and absorption of food. This is a good thing for people with poor digestion and bad teeth, but it is not good for those who need to control blood sugar. It is recommended that people with high blood sugar and obesity should try their best to Eat whole nuts.

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