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Orange peel oil extractor



    Name Technical indexes    
    Production capacity
    Matching power 7.75 (average fruit 0.75, magic oil 3, transport 4)kw
    The number of magic oil rollers
10 roots
    Conveying screw diameter 1000mm
    Dimensions 3550×2760×2550mm    

The oil grinder consists of a barbed hollow screw, a screw conveyor shaft, a barbed oil grinding roller, a bearing seat, a frame, an equalizer, an equalizer reducer, an oil grinding transmission reducer, a conveying transmission reducer, a feeding hopper, and an outlet. The hopper and the oil collecting hopper are composed of components. When the orange enters the hopper, it evenly enters the oil silo under the action of the claws, and rolls and rubs the orange under the action of several barbed oil sticks. The oil cells on the surface, under the action of the barbed hollow spiral, are output to the end of the discharge port. The machine is equipped with a spray pipe obliquely above the hollow spiral. After the water sprayed from the spray pipe washes away the oil on the orange, it can reduce the viscosity between the orange and the orange, which is convenient for the orange to roll. The oil can flow smoothly into the oil collecting hopper.

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