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passion fruit Semi-cutting juicer



    Model Production capacityt/h Matching power kw Dimensions mm    
    DZJ-3 1-3 3 1200×900×2000    
    DZJ-5 3-5 4 1600×1000×2500    
    DZJ-10 10T 5.5 1900× 1000×2700    
    DZJ-20 20T 7.5 1900×1500×2700    

Passion fruit contains more than a dozen amino acids, multivitamins, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals needed by the human body. Among them, vitamin C can participate in cholesterol metabolism, reduce cholesterol content, purify the blood, and clear the body. It has the effect of beautifying and anti-aging. Passion fruit can inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract, regulate the intestines and stomach, improve the nutrition of the body, prevent the occurrence of gastroenteritis, and can promote gastrointestinal excretion and relieve constipation symptoms.

This machine is the most advanced orange juicing equipment in the world, suitable for continuous automatic juicing of citrus, passion、lemons and oranges. The whole fruit of citrus, lemon and orange after oil extraction is fed into the machine, the whole fruit is continuously cut into two halves automatically by bowl conveying mechanism, and then sent to the left and right vertical drums for juice extraction, and the juice residue can be separated automatically. This machine is continuous automatic rotary cone, advanced structure, smooth transmission, high production efficiency. Because in the process of coning juice, the skin and residue will not be broken, so the juice quality is high. High juice yield.

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