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Chili powder is a red or red-yellow, oily and uniform powder. It is a mixture of red pepper, yellow pepper, pepper seeds and part of pepper stems. It has the inherent spicy flavor of pepper, and it is pungent and sneezing. The authentic one should be pounded with a stone mortar, or you can use dried chili directly, put it in the sun, or dry it in a pot with a slow fire and then pound it into powder.

First cut the dried chili into small pieces, stir-fry the cut dried chili together with Chinese prickly ash, cinnamon and cumin until the chili is crisp and fragrant. Cool the fried ingredients for a while, then put them in a grinding cup, add a little sesame seeds and grind them into powder. The ground chili noodles should be completely cooled before being stored in a sealed bag, otherwise it is easy to regain moisture and deteriorate. Chili noodles can be used for stir-frying. Occasionally use it to make chili oil (you can pour hot oil on top and mix well). I know that people usually grind it directly into powder. In fact, dried chili contains a small amount of water. The fried dried chili is not only easy to grind into powder, but also prolongs the shelf life and will be more fragrant!

However, chili powder is not suitable for everyone. It is suitable for people with indigestion, cold stomach pain, rheumatism, lumbar myalgia and other diseases. However, patients with eye diseases, esophagitis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers and hemorrhoids should not eat fiery heat or those with yin deficiency and fire, hypertension, and tuberculosis.

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