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Red dates pitting and beating machine


The jujube peeling and beating machine is to actively separate the pulp juice and slag (skin, seeds, kernels), which can be combined on the production line to stop the flow operation, and can be used for stand-alone production. The machine can change the beating speed by changing the screen mesh of different specifications and adjusting the lead angle of the scraper. It is mainly composed of transmission system, bearing seat, sleeve shaft, cylinder back cover, paddle plate, cylinder block, spline shaft, screen, scraper (or beating rod), cylinder front cover, frame and other parts.

The motor is driven by a belt, which rotates the rotor parts on the splines at high speed. The fruit enters the machine from the feeding port. The material is spirally conveyed by the feeding blade to the beating rod. Under the action of the beating rod, the material is crushed. Due to the existence of the heart force, the juice and meat in the material (which has been slurried) enter the next beating through the sieve holes on the screen (the size of the sieve holes depends on the size of the core), and the core is discharged from the pulp leaf to the slag outlet, So as to complete the active separation of pulp and slag.


  1. Mud and slag are effectively separated.
  2. It can be combined on the production line and produced by one machine.
  3. The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel.
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