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Pre-sale service

01 Product structure positioning

Combine existing resources and development directions to specify product structure methods

02 Factory construction guidance

According to the layout design of the whole plant, make reasonable electrical installation and layout

03 Product technical exchange

Provide an authoritative technical exchange platform to explore high-quality solutions

04 Market positioning guidance

Provide industry information and development ideas according to market demand

05 Plant layout design

According to the plant size, provide a reasonable equipment layout plan

06 Equipment design plan

Meet customer needs and provide flexible and diverse technical solutions

Equipment production process

Confirm the equipment configuration and details with the customer.

Make a production schedule.

Use a cutting machine for preliminary processing of material separation.

CNC machining center (machine tool) or lathe for precision machining.

Technicians assemble and produce.

Use stainless steel and engineering plastics that meet relevant standards and requirements.

The surface needs to be treated with anti-rust or anti-corrosion to extend the service life of the product.

Test each machine and connect the test machine.

Equipment packaging and transportation.

Installation and commissioning site


Installation and commissioning site


Installation and commissioning site

Installation and commissioning site

After-sales service

  • Invite customers to inspect and accept equipment at the factory.

  • Engineers install and debug equipment.

  • Free lectures on equipment operation, maintenance and operation.

  • Online working hours solve equipment usage problems for customers.

  • Lifetime support for accessory services.

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