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1, single channel beater: the motor is driven by belt, so that the scraper installed on the spline shaft rotates at high speed, when the broken fruit through the feed port into the machine, the pulp plate will evenly distribute the material to the scraper and screen. Due to the rotary action of the scraper and the existence of the lead Angle, so that the material along the cylinder to the export end of the movement, the trajectory of the movement is spiral, the material is in the process of moving between the scraper and the sieve tube by centrifugal force and be scraped, juice and meat (has become pulp) from the sieve hole through the next process into, (double channel, three channel beater for linkage repeat the above process) skin and seeds are discharged from the slag hopper, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic separation. As long as the change of different specifications of the screen and adjust the size of the lead Angle of the scraper, different beating speed can be changed to obtain satisfactory results.

2, single channel beater: the motor through the belt transmission, so that the rotor parts installed on the spline shaft rotating at high speed, fruit from the feed into the machine, feeding pulp blade will be spirally transported to the beating bar, under the action of the beating bar, the material is pounded. Due to the existence of centrifugal force, the juice and meat in the material (has become slurry), through the sieve mesh into the next channel of pulp (mesh mesh according to the size of the fruit core), the core is discharged from the slag pulp leaf to the slag mouth, so as to achieve automatic separation of slurry slag.

The machine has two types of single channel and double channel models, when used for drupe fruit (such as mango) beating, if the single channel to go to the core beating machine, meat from the hopper into the buffer tank, the core from the slag discharge. Nucleation double channel beater, the first channel of nucleation, two channels of beating to achieve automatic separation of the core, peel and residue. It is recommended that users choose to go to the core of the double beater. The beating principle refers to the single beater.

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