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spiral style continous pre-boiling machine

    Name LYJ-2 LYJ-5    
    Production capacity 1-2 2-5    
    Pre-boiled water temperature 85-100 85-100    
    Pre-cooking time 2-10 2-10    
    Motor Power 1.5 3    
    Spiral diameter 500 800    
    Dimensions 6000×900×1650 6000×1200×1950    

First, add an appropriate amount of water to the feed hopper, first close the stop valve behind the pressure gauge on the steam pipeline, and then open the intake valve to see if the pressure of the pressure gauge is about 1.5 kg. Pressure valve, adjust until the pressure gauge shows about 1.5 kg ( ), then open the stop valve behind the pressure gauge to start cooking.
After 1 minute, open the drain valve under the pre-boiler to drain the cold water in the steam interlayer. When the steam is sprayed out, close the drain valve. At this time, check whether the trap is working. If it is working, it is normal. At this time, the feeding begins, and the speed of the speed-adjusting motor is determined according to the maturity of the pre-cooked material, until the material reaches the purpose of softening, which is an accurate rotation speed per minute.
When shutting down, first stop the material, then turn off the steam, discharge all the material in the pot, then clean it with water, and finally turn off the power.

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