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spiral style non-stop cooker

    Name LYJ-2 LYJ-5    
    Production capacity 1-2 2-5    
    Pre-boiled water temperature 85-100 85-100    
    Pre-cooking time 2-10 2-10    
    Motor Power 1.5 3    
    Spiral diameter 500 800    
    Dimensions 6000×900×1650 6000×1200×1950    

Components and working principle
The machine consists of frame, discharge flap, feed hopper, screw shaft, steam heating chamber, reducer, discharge hopper, transmission device and other components.
Working principle: add an appropriate amount of water from the feed hopper and heat it by steam. The steam enters the jacket and transfers heat through the surface of the shell. When the water temperature reaches the required temperature, the material is fed from the feed hopper, and the rotating conveying screw advances while Pre-cooking, and then the material is sent out from the discharge port by the discharge flap. The machine has stepless speed regulation, can operate continuously, and is suitable for pre-cooking a variety of fruits, vegetables and meat.

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