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The benefits of drinking juice in summer


The weather is hot and sweaty. If you don’t want to drink mineral water or tea, how about a glass of juice? Xiaobian thinks that it is really comfortable to have a glass of juice in the hot weather. In addition to quenching thirst, fruit juice has many functions, and different fruits have different effects. So what are the benefits of fruit juice to the body? Fruit juice is a juice product obtained by physical methods such as pressing, centrifugation, extraction, etc. Juice is divided into clear juice and cloudy juice according to the form. Clarified juice is clear and transparent, such as apple juice, while turbid juice is evenly turbid, such as orange juice; it is divided into pure juice and fruit juice drinks according to the juice content.

Apple Juice: Regulates the stomach, promotes kidney function, and prevents high blood pressure. Grapefruit juice: lower cholesterol, prevent colds and bleeding gums. Kiwi juice: rich in vitamin C, clearing away heat and promoting body fluids, antiemetic and antidiarrheal. Mango Juice: Helps digestion, prevents seasickness, vomiting and sore throat. Pineapple juice: reduce swelling, aid digestion, soothe sore throat. Papaya juice: eliminate stagnation and moisten the lungs, help digest protein. Watermelon Juice: Relieves summer heat and diuresis, lowers blood pressure. Celery Juice: Replenish physical strength, relieve anxiety and stress. Banana juice: Improve energy, strengthen muscles, nourish lungs and intestines, and smooth blood vessels. Grape juice: Regulates the heartbeat, nourishes blood and calms the nerves, strengthens kidney and liver functions, and helps digestion. Lemon juice: rich in vitamin C, relieve cough and reduce phlegm, and help to eliminate toxins from the body. Orange Juice: Moisturizes the stomach, strengthens blood vessels, prevents heart disease, stroke, cold, cold and bruises. Strawberry juice: diuretic and antidiarrheal, strengthens nerves, nourishes blood. Pear juice: can maintain the normal operation of the heart and blood vessels, and remove toxins from the body. Coconut Water: Prevents heart disease, arthritis and cancer, beautifies skin, moisturizes and relieves cough.

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