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The efficacy and role of cantaloupe


Summer is a season of many delicacies. We can eat all kinds of fruits. There are many varieties of fruits in the street market, which are often too many to be named, but many fruit-loving friends like to eat cantaloupe. Let me introduce the efficacy and function of cantaloupe, and how to eat cantaloupe? Do you know how to eat it? How many calories are in cantaloupe?

1. Cantaloupe can prevent stroke
Stroke prevention is one of the important functions of cantaloupe. Cantaloupe not only contains some vitamins and sugars, but also contains a variety of minerals. Among them, the content of potassium is particularly high. This substance can control blood pressure and purify blood. Eating it can significantly reduce the incidence of stroke. In addition, the potassium in cantaloupe is very beneficial to human kidneys and is an ideal food for preventing kidney stones.
2, cantaloupe can moisten the intestines and laxatives
Cantaloupe is a fruit that contains a lot of dietary fiber. These substances can speed up gastrointestinal motility and promote the formation and excretion of stool. In addition, cantaloupe is cold and cool, which can clear the heat in the human intestinal tract. It is also very effective for human constipation caused by intestinal dryness. Good conditioning.
3. Cantaloupe can delay aging
Cantaloupe contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very needed by the human body. It is a natural antioxidant, which can protect the heart and promote heart function; and vitamin C can prevent the occurrence of many diseases popular in modern society. Cantaloupe also has the effect of delaying aging. Regular consumption of it can strengthen the body and improve immunity.

4. Eating cantaloupe is beneficial for weight loss
Cantaloupe and chicken breast slices are boiled together, which is better than the protection of the stomach. The calorie status of cantaloupe is suitable for young white-collar workers who have little exercise and strong fat loss needs, but those with spleen and stomach deficiency and abdominal distension should not eat it. Patients with a history of hematemesis, hemoptysis, gastric ulcers and heart disease should take it with caution.
5. Cantaloupe is rich in vitamins
Rich in high-quality protein and vitamins, the sweet aroma of cantaloupe is refreshing and refreshing. It also contains vitamins A, C, B2 and various minerals, which can promote blood circulation, help digestion, prevent dry mouth, etc., and make your skin better. Water Dangdang. The matching seafood, shrimp and scallops are low-fat, low-calorie, nutritious seafood that contains high-quality protein and calcium. It is perfect for pairing with sweet and crisp apple diced.
6. Eating cantaloupe helps prevent liver cirrhosis
The cantaloupe is dried and ground into powder, 0.1 g each time is divided into three parts, first use one part to inhale deeply through both nostrils, after about 40 minutes, clean the nasal cavity and inhale another part, and then inhale every 40 minutes Finish the last one. Seven days later, suck 0.1 gram with the same method, and after sucking 0.4 gram, it is a course of treatment to treat jaundice or non-jaundice infectious hepatitis, liver cirrhosis

Calories in cantaloupe
A 100-gram melon contains 26.00 calories, 6.20 grams of carbohydrates, 0.10 grams of fat, 0.40 grams of protein, 0.40 grams of fiber), vitamin A 5.00 micrograms, vitamin C 15.00 mg, vitamin E 0.47 mg, and calcium 14.00 mg , 0.70 mg of iron, 0.09 mg of zinc, 0.04 mg of copper, etc. From this, we can clearly see that the calorie of melon is very low, and the nutritional value of melon is very high, and eating it often is good for the body. Melon contains only 0.1 grams of fat and very low cholesterol content, so it is very suitable for obese people and people with high cholesterol.

Cantaloupe is a very good fruit. It has many health care effects. Cantaloupe has many nutritional values that ordinary people do not know. Like many other fruits, it has unique benefits to the human body. Many beauty-loving women use makeup to enhance themselves, but they don't know that a small cantaloupe has beauty effects. Since cantaloupe has so many effects, friends, hurry up and eat it


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