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The efficacy and role of vegetable juice


Many friends pay more attention to health preservation, so they like to eat some foods that are good for the body, such as vegetable juice. However, there are many types of vegetable juice, and the effects and functions of different types of vegetable juice are different. So, what are the benefits and functions of vegetable juice? The following are the effects and functions of three vegetable juices.
1. Carrot Juice
Drinking a certain amount of fresh carrot juice every day can improve the condition of the entire body. Carrot juice can improve a person's appetite and resistance to infection. Nursing mothers who drank more carrot juice every day produced milk of much higher quality than mothers who did not drink the juice. For people with ulcers, drinking carrot juice can significantly reduce symptoms, carrot juice also relieves conjunctivitis and maintains the entire visual system.
2. Cucumber juice
On the medical value table of cucumber juice ranked by medical scientists, the diuretic effect is among the best. Cucumber juice also plays an important role in strengthening the heart and blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, and prevents excessive tension in the heart muscle and atherosclerosis. Cucumber juice also calms and strengthens the nervous system and enhances memory. Cucumber juice also has certain effects on gingival damage and the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Many elements in cucumber juice are needed for hair and nails to prevent hair loss and split nails. Cucumber juice contains less fat and sugar and is an ideal weight loss drink.
3. Tomato juice
Medical experts believe that eating 2-3 tomatoes a day can meet the needs of vitamin C for a day. Tomatoes contain a lot of citric acid and malic acid, which are very beneficial to the metabolic process of the whole body, can improve gastric juice, and strengthen the digestion of greasy food. Vitamin P in tomatoes has the effect of protecting blood vessels, preventing and treating high blood pressure, and can improve the work of the heart. In addition, regular consumption of tomato juice can make the skin healthy. Tomato juice mixed with apple juice, pumpkin juice and lemon juice can also play a role in weight loss.

I believe that after reading the above introduction, you have a comprehensive understanding of these three vegetable juices. For friends who like to maintain health through diet, it is good to drink some vegetable juice often, which is good for the body.

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