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What are the diffrent types of drinks?


We have seen all kinds of beverages on the market, with various colors, various flavors, various functions, and various types. So what are the specific beverages for the diffrent types of drinks? We introduce a few to you in detail.
Let’s talk about fruit drinks first. Fruit drinks are what we usually drink more, especially children and young people. Fruits are brightly colored, sweet and sour, and each has a different taste. There are mainly grape juice, mango juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, coconut juice, peach juice, cranberry juice, blueberry juice, apple juice, banana juice, mulberry juice, cherry juice and so on.
Then these are pure juices. If you add these fruits to sparkling water, it will have a more wonderful taste. If you make fruit wine, the effect is even more different.
Let's talk about functional drinks. We have seen many brands of functional drinks on the market, and we are all familiar with them. In fact, functional beverages refer to beverages that adjust the functions of the human body to a certain extent by adjusting the composition and content ratio of nutrients in the beverage. According to the classification of functional beverages according to the relevant data, it is believed that the generalized functional beverages include sports drinks, energy drinks and other beverages with health effects. Functional drink is a healthy drink that has been popular in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan since 2000. It contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other electrolytes, and its composition is similar to that of human body fluids. After drinking it, it can be absorbed by the body more quickly, replenishing the water and electrolytes (salt) lost by the human body due to a lot of exercise and sweating, so that the body fluids can reach a balanced state. .
There are many categories of energy drinks
polysaccharide drink
Most of them refer to beverages containing dietary fiber, which can regulate the stomach. It is usually consumed before or after meals to help digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. People with constipation can drink it for a long time, which can slowly regulate the intestines, relieve and treat constipation.

vitamin drink
It can supplement a variety of nutrients the body needs. In addition to supplementing the vitamins needed by the human body, the antioxidant ingredients in vitamin beverages can also remove waste in the body and play an anti-aging effect. This type of drink is for everyone. However, general vitamin drinks are drinks with high sugar content and are not recommended for people with diabetes. For example, Red Bull is a representative of canned functional drinks, which can activate vitamin supplementation and refreshing effect, but the caffeine contained in it is not suitable for minors to drink. , Bottled Infidelity Power Drink does not contain caffeine, but it is not recommended for minors to drink.
mineral drink
Similar to vitamin drinks, it is used to supplement various mineral elements such as iron, zinc and calcium needed by the human body, enhance the immune function and physical quality of the human body, improve osteoporosis, and effectively resist fatigue. Suitable for adults who are prone to fatigue, not suitable for children.
sports drinks
Sports drinks are soft drinks whose nutrient composition and content can adapt to the physiological characteristics and special nutritional needs of athletes or people participating in physical exercise. Sports drinks belong to functional special drinks with specific functions, which can enable athletes or people participating in sports to quickly replenish water and various nutritional elements after drinking. Can reduce consumption and restore vitality. Most of them contain a large amount of proteins, polypeptides and amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, which can timely replenish the water and electrolytes (salts) lost by the human body due to a lot of exercise and sweating, so that the body fluids can reach a balanced state. It is suitable for all kinds of people after physical exertion, not suitable for children, and patients with high blood pressure should use it with caution.

Probiotic drink
It can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the human stomach, improve intestinal function, help digestion and beauty, especially suitable for the elderly and people with indigestion.
Immunity drink
Immune functional beverages, such as beverages with added Cordyceps polysaccharides, lentinan, amino acids and polypeptides. Most Cordyceps polysaccharide components are composed of mannose, galactose, glucose, etc. A large number of pharmacological experiments show that Cordyceps polysaccharide has anti-tumor, enhances the phagocytic ability of mononuclear macrophages, increases the content of =8> in mouse serum, and has anti-tumor effects. Lymphocyte transformation has the functions of promoting and anti-radiation. Mushroom polysaccharide has the functions of immune regulation, anti-tumor, anti-infection, enhancing the body's detoxification ability, lowering blood lipids, anti-aging, and anti-virus.
low energy drink
The calories, fat content and sugar content are lower than other functional beverages, especially lower than the beverages that supplement physical energy, which is suitable for relatively obese people. Low-energy drinks are very suitable for the Chinese people to drink, because the proportion of sub-health in the Chinese people is relatively serious. In 2012, the total proportion of the sub-health population in the world reached 75%. One of the reasons for sub-health is because of our usual eating habits, always eating Caused by high-energy foods. In particular, many special groups (such as the elderly, children, sick patients or people with high physical energy consumption, etc.) eat more for nutrient intake, which leads to sub-health problems such as obesity. Drinking low-energy functional drinks can supplement the nutrients our body needs. Amokang source amino acid solid functional drink can be consumed. Amino acid is the basic unit of protein and can help the human body to provide nutrition. Drinking Amokang source amino acid beverage will not only not cause sub-health problems, but also supplement the nutrients needed by the human body and enhance resistance. .

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