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In daily life, because grapes are rich in nutrients, some families like to buy grapes. So, do you know how to peel grapes when you eat them? Do you know how to peel and deseed grapes? Today, I will share with you a little trick to quickly peel and deseed grapes, which solves many family troubles. Let's learn how to peel and deseed grapes!

The first step is to pick the grapes and use a toothpick to make a half circle along the middle of the grapes. The second step is to open the grapes that have been cut open, and use a toothpick to dig out the grape seeds inside the grapes and throw them away. In the third step, we can easily remove the grape skins by squeezing the sides of the grapes. Learn this trick, it is very convenient to peel and deseed the grapes, which solves the troubles of many families.

So what should we do when we need a lot of grape juice? This time we can use our screw juicer. Under the strong extrusion of the screw juicer, part of the slag particles will be squeezed out through the filter screen together with the juice, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic separation of the juice and the slag. Affordable and convenient.

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