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Just how popular are solid drinks?


Everyone loves beverages drinks, but everyone should also pay attention to it. In recent years, the drinks that people often hold in their hands are not only popular drinks such as orange juice, cola, Sprite, and coconut juice, but more innovative drinks.  and the "milk tea" that men, women and children love to drink. So many times when we stay at home or it is inconvenient to go out, if we also want to drink hot drinks, what will we choose? Then this is what everyone thinks must be a solid drink.
So just how popular are solid beverages? And why is it so popular?

Composition and nutritional value of solid beverages
Solid drinks belong to a category of soft drinks, which are favored by consumers because of their variety, unique flavor, and easy storage; especially those solid drinks rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which can timely supplement the nutrients required by human metabolism. , and has become an inseparable good partner in many people's lives. It is mainly divided into protein-based solid beverages (including amino acid beverages) and ordinary solid beverages. Protein-based solid beverages refer to products with a protein content greater than or equal to 4%, which are made of milk and dairy products, eggs and egg products, other animal and vegetable proteins, amino acids, etc. as the main raw materials, with or without auxiliary materials. Soybean milk powder, walnut powder, malted milk essence, amino acid amino acids, etc.; ordinary solid beverages refer to fruit powder or roasted coffee, tea, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum and other plant extracts as the main raw materials, with or without other auxiliary materials. Manufactured products with a protein content of less than 4%. Common ones are sour plum powder, chrysanthemum crystal, instant tea powder, choke root essence, amino acid drinks, etc.

The efficacy of solid beverages
Solid drinks are not only delicious, but also have certain effects:
Summer-clearing drink: It is aimed at the upper part of the throat to prevent influenza and heat-dampness embolism.
Stomach-nourishing drink: for those with weak spleen and stomach, such as fatigue, lack of appetite or indigestion.
Moisturizing beverage: for the intestines, it has the effect of regulating intestinal dysfunction in both directions.

How to drink solid beverages
The drinking method of solid beverages is generally very convenient and simple, otherwise it will not be loved by the public. Because of its convenience, it saves more time at work and at home, and it is also very good to prepare a little for business trips. So generally speaking, you only need to have boiled water, and you can brew it directly. Of course, different solid drinks have different brewing methods, and this cannot be unified.

Storage and advantages of solid beverages
There are many advantages. First of all, solid beverages are made by removing water from liquid beverages. The purpose of removing water is to prevent the deterioration or corruption of dried beverages due to their own enzymes or microorganisms, so as to facilitate storage; It is easy to store and transport. Compared with liquid beverages, the quality is significantly reduced, the volume is significantly smaller, and it is convenient to carry; good flavor, good instant solubility, wide application range, convenient drinking; easy to maintain hygiene; simple packaging and convenient transportation.

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