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Fruit extractor  machine is a kind of equipment currently used in many fruit and vegetable processing industries, such as fruit juice drinks, dairy products, jams, cakes, desserts and other foods. The fruit extraction machine is widely used, in addition to being used in the production of fruits and vegetables, it can also be used in many other aspects such as herbs and condiments.
What are the advantages of the fruit extraction machine? Why does everyone love it? In fact, the equipment itself not only has a compact structure and a small footprint; the solvent is sealed in the equipment
, can also be recycled
, More importantly, the selection of materials is very good, usually made of high-quality stainless steel, and the workmanship is also carefully crafted by experienced masters. Impeccable on the outside and on the inside.

Features of fruit extraction machine:

1. The main equipment of the vacuum concentrator is made of high-quality high-grade stainless steel, and the inside and outside are finely polished to prevent the material from sticking to the wall, not easy to scale, block, stick to the wall, foam, and easy to clean;

2. The equipment has good heat transfer performance and high evaporation efficiency; it adopts push-pull self-locking patented slag discharge door, and stainless steel hard pipe discharges liquid, which is safe and reliable, and dripping does not leak;

3. According to the needs of the process, various extraction operations such as negative pressure and normal pressure can be realized, and the valve can be switched, which is easy to operate; the vacuum concentration operation is adopted, and the evaporation temperature is low. Reduce foam formation and improve finished product concentration;

4. The structure of the whole machine is compact and the floor area is small; the solvent is closed and recycled in the equipment, which can reduce the input amount by more than 50%, the investment is small, the benefit is high, and the environmental pollution is effectively reduced.

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