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Speaking of drinks, everyone should be familiar with it. In today's era of rapid development, a variety of beverages have come out one after another, which is very popular with everyone. But when you drink drinks, do you know what is beverages ?

Beverages, in short, are processed liquids suitable for human or livestock consumption, especially those used to quench thirst, provide nutrition, or refresh. Soft drinks and various juices, etc.

Beverages are liquids for human consumption, which are packaged in quantitative packaging for direct drinking or drinking in a certain proportion of water or brewed for drinking, and products with an ethanol content (mass weight) not exceeding 0.5%. Beverages can also be divided into beverages In thick slurry or solid form, its function is to quench thirst, replenish energy and other functions.

According to the classification of beverages, we can generally divide them into alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages are also called soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages refer to beverages for people to drink with an ethanol (alcohol) content of 0.5-65% (v/v), including various fermented wines, distilled wines and prepared wines. Non-alcoholic beverages refer to liquid foods, including solid beverages, whose alcohol content is less than 0.5 percent (v/v) and whose main purpose is to replenish human body water.

Drinks are delicious, but you should drink less. Most beverages are not only high in sugar and energy, but also seem to be rich in nutrients. In fact, they add some caffeine and sodium cyclamate that are not conducive to the healthy growth of children, and it is not advisable to drink more. We can make some healthy and hygienic fruit and vegetable juice drinks for our family to drink.

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