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Orange juice is a fruit juice drink obtained by squeezing oranges as raw materials through a juicer. Fresh and high in nutritional value, it can be consumed after freezing or directly.

Some people are too lazy to eat fruit, thinking that drinking a glass of orange juice can also supplement some vitamin C. There is a saying that orange juice that has been stored for a long time is not good for the body, and the sugar intake may be higher than drinking soda water. Drinking too much is harmful to health. How are the facts?

An Italian study pointed out that if fresh orange juice is placed for more than half an hour, the original nutrients will be wiped out.

Nutrition experts pointed out that vitamin C is indeed put away for a short time. Although there is no data to calculate the speed of vitamin C loss in fresh juice, it is generally believed that half an hour is the limit. Because it is indeed a very unstable nutrient - most other nutrients are lost during heating, and vitamin C only needs to be exposed to air to be lost and destroyed.

It is worth noting that the loss of vitamin C is not a unique problem of freshly squeezed orange juice. Most of the vitamin C in the packaging of orange juice is an additive, and it can be temporarily preserved after packaging. However, as soon as the lid of the box is opened, the process of losing nutrients begins, so some people are used to buying a large box of orange juice and drinking it slowly in the refrigerator.

Nutritionists will not advise citizens not to drink orange juice, because for those who are reluctant to eat fruit, orange juice can supplement vitamin C to a certain extent, but you must drink it as soon as possible, and when buying packaged orange juice, it is best to choose some Orange juice with added sugar.

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