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Fruity drinks are different from fruit juice drinks, and in addition to "fruit-flavored drinks" and "juice drinks", there are many members of the "juice" family, such as "fruit drinks", "concentrated drinks", "pure juice" and so on. , and their nutritional content is actually very different!

In fact, most of the orange juice, apple juice, grape juice and other beverages we buy in the supermarket are made of fruit and vegetable juice or concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, and other food raw materials or food additives are added. If you are careful, you can also find that the corresponding juice content in the ingredient list is more than 10%. Under normal circumstances, the ones we buy belong to the type of fruit juice drinks.

Fruit-flavored beverages do not contain fruit juice, and are prepared by mixing one or more of sugar, sweeteners, acidity regulators, and edible flavors. The outer packaging will be marked with "apple flavor", "lemon flavor", "grape flavor", etc., which are generally prepared by adding the corresponding flavors.

In terms of nutritional value, fruit juice drinks are better than fruit-flavored drinks, but they are mostly made of food additives, with little vitamin content and unbalanced nutrients. It is not as good as pure mineral water or pure water for the human body.


"The same is true for fruit juice drinks and fruit-flavored drinks. Although the word is different, there is a world of difference. Fruit juice drinks contain fruit juice. They are prepared from fruit juice, sweeteners, water, white sugar, etc., and contain at least 10% fruit juice. In addition, there is a pure fruit juice, the fruit juice content is even higher. The fruit flavor of the fruit-flavored beverage is mainly prepared from the essence, the fruit juice content is generally less than 5%, and some even do not contain any juice ingredients. , We often drink orange juice, etc., which belong to fruit juice drinks. Many of the messy drinks for children are just fruity drinks. You can check the product packaging. If the fruit juice content in the ingredient list is greater than 10%, it means that it belongs to fruit juice drinks.”

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